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Artists and Lawyers

Two of the leading members of the modernist movement in art in the 20th century had legal training. One was the inspiration for the design of this site, Wassily Kandinsky. The other was Henri Matisse. While neither left a mark in the legal world, it goes to show that law and creativity go hand in hand.

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866 and died in France in 1944. He attended the University of Moscow, majoring in Law and Economics. He spent a few years in the legal profession, but gave it up at age 30 to pursue a career as a painter. Credit is given to a painting of Haystacks by Monet to opening his eyes to the importance and significance of color.

Henri Matisse was not interested in the family seed business and persuaded his father to send him to Paris to study for the preliminary law exams. He took the required courses on the civil code and procedure, as well as others, in 1888. He worked in a number of legal offices as a clerk, but never became a lawyer. There are a number of legal documents with sketches by Matisse.

While his impact on the legal world was inconsequential, his impact on the art world was anything but. The following are a small sampling of his works.

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